Newcomers & Visitors


Our Pastor, Msgr. Trinh or one of our other clergies will be delighted to welcome you as a new member of our parish. Please call the rectory office at (215) 424-1300 to schedule a meeting.

Please download and fill out the parish registration form and bring it to your appointment.


66th Ave. from the Reading R.R.;to 2nd St.;to 65th Ave.; to Walnut Park Dr.; to Claremont Rd.; to Fariston Rd.; to Walnut Park Dr.; to Crescentville Rd.; then by air to the Reading R.R.; to Olney Ave.; then to the Roosevelt Blvd.; to 10th St.; to Wagner Ave.; to 10th St.; to Champlost St.; to Broad St.; to Old York Rd.; to Melrose Ave.; to the Reading R.R.; to 66th Ave.

If you do not live within our parish boundaries, you must obtain a letter of permission from the parish church where you currently live.


We consider our church a holy ground where we gather together to praise and worship God. We welcome everyone from all walks of life.  However, when coming to visit us, we request our guests to dress appropriately and modestly.

We also ask you to familiarize yourself with the GUIDELINES FOR THE RECEPTION OF HOLY COMMUNION.