Registration for PREP, RCIA, and CONFIRMATION Begins

Registration for PREP 2020-2021

Registration Forms are available through Sr. Sophie. Please call the rectory at 215-424-1300 for an appointment.

Due to COVID-19, classes will be remote until January. At time of registration, you will receive information on remote learning, text book, and information and code for flipgrid remote learning.

1 child – $100.00
2 children – $160.00
3+ children – $250.00

RCIA for Adults

If you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic or an adult who needs to receive First Holy Eucharist and/or Confirmation, contact Sr. Sophie.


St. Helena will have Confirmation in the Fall of 2021. All students in Public School and St. Helena-Incarnation School who desire Confirmation must register and attend these classes.

Confirmation Classes are for 1 year prior to Confirmation for all students who are currently in Level 6 in St. Helena English PREP or grades 6 and 7 in St. Helena-Incarnation School.

Classes will be in small groups of 4 once a week. This will be explained at the time of registration.

To register for Confirmation 2021, please contact Sister Sophie at the rectory (215-424-1300) for an appointment to complete the registration form.